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Wisdom. That is all ladies and flies.


Can’t cheat on your girl with those big ass galaxy phones she like “who the fuck is Brianna?” reading over your shoulder from all the way on the 3rd floor.



what if all vowels were a’s

halla yas ma nama as manaca A’m watchang saparnataral what abaat yaa

it’s like a whole new language I think I’m on to something here

#thats not a new language thats a boston accent

When you feel my heat
Look into my eyes
It’s where my demons hide
It’s where my demons hide


It’s a sketch! Sketches are cool!


It’s a sketch! Sketches are cool!


During the Nerdist podcast, her boyfriend (Jason) went up to the podium to ask Matt Smith a question, and then turned and proposed to my friend in front of EVERYONE.

Start it at 47:48. It’s like, four minutes long, and holy shit, Matt Smith jumped down from the podium to hug the everloving shit out of them. I am so fucking excited for her!


Why am I subjecting myself to the Van Gough episode of Doctor Who? My mom is gonna come home and I’m gonna be on the floor weeping surrounded by confused dogs.

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